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Sarah Benko


Portrait Sarah Benko

aus Budapest, Ungarn
lebt und arbeitet in Selingstadt-Heideck

Ausstellung im Kulturhof:
Offenes Atelier 2019
Kunst am Kamin 2022

2013 Akademie Der Bildenden Künste (AdBK), Nürnberg, Germany (Ottmar Hörl) // 2009-2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE), Budapest; Master of Fine Arts in Painting (András Halász, Zoltán Ötvös) // 2008-2009 School of Fine Arts at Óbuda (OXI), Budapest // National Qualification Register in Painting (Dániel Horváth, József Baksai)

To me, art is the most appropriate form of expressing sensuality, an entire ideology in itself, which molds reality from semblance, vivifies a metaphore. An accurate mistake, a victory over evanescence, a trace apprehensible by others, an image of our psychic space. A descriptive language of the absurd and irrational make-believe world of existence.
An artist has to be present in all things, everywhere. We have to be multicultural as well as multifunctional. Life, however, is nothing more, than a chain of decisions. Therefore, we must take a stance on a subject, something we can obsess over.
Sarah Benko
Ölgemälde von Sarah Benko

2022 Einzelausstellung DECIMA Galerie, Herrieden // 2020 Ausstellung Cafe und Konditorei Grimm, Hilpoltstein // 2019 BüKA 32.Büchenbacher Kunstausstellung, Büchenbach // 2019 Offenes Atelier, Kulturhof Aberzhausen // 2018 DIN(A) Kleinformat, Leipzig // 2018 38. Jahresaustellung Heidecker Künstlerkreis // 2015 Teilnahme Nürnberger Nachrichten Kunstpreis, KunstKulturQuartier, Nürnberg // 2015 ConsumART, Artmarket, Messe, Nürnberg // 2013 Jahresausstellung, Akademie der Bildende Künste, Nürnberg // 2013 Amadeus, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest // 2013 Ari S. Kupsus Salon ,Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest // 2012 KÉPZŐ, A38, Budapest // 2009 Versus, Vajda Lajos Stúdió, Szentendre

Preise 2012+2013: VI. OMDK (National Arts Students Conference, Painting), Eger, Hungary // Junge Kunst in Bayern, Goldmann Verlag, München, LfA Förderbank Bayern, München // Amadeus, Budapest // Ari S. Kupsus Salon Concert Society Prize, Kupsus Gallery, Budapest // Erasmus, Hungarian University Of Fine Arts, Budapest

Arbeiten von Sarah Benko